Well, it looks like the three of you that read this thing yesterday passed the message on because it was a hell of a nice day of commenting. And, hey! Looks like there's some policing of the comments section going on! I'm interested to see how this plays out over time, but if first impressions are worth anything, then it looks like we're all going to have to look elsewhere to fine owt hoe we can ern $62343/mo from working at home.

Anyway, before I get to the three stars, dishonourable mention today to that freekinjapornxxx guy for dogged determination, if nothing else. Here goes:

3rd Star: SponsoredbyV8 was rightfully applauded for this vivid depiction of Alternate-Universe-FLOTUS in the Dead Fish post. Nicely done.

2nd Star: Same Sad Echo put some hard work into this great visual gag in the Josh Cribbs post. Awesome stuff.

1st Star: NoirJuggling had me howling with this great joke in the New York Attorney General post. So simple, so elegant, and absolutely hilarious. Textbook example of a great Deadspin joke.

So, good job, good effort, you guys. Keep it coming.